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The Nome Static

‘You Are Not Done Yet’

Man sits at table inside village office in Savoonga, Alaska, holding a coffee cup.

In the St. Lawrence Island community of Savoonga, winter isn’t just when it gets colder and snowy: it’s also “when the Bering Sea locks up.” But in 2018, the solid sea ice upon which untold generations have depended never came. It’s a threat to food security and the subsistence way of life, says local tribal chief Delbert Pungowiyi. Into his later years, the threat of environmental “disasters” has filled Delbert with a new sense of purpose.

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Internet, By Helicopter

Silhouette of internet tower in Noorvik, Alaska, at sunset.

Just how remote is Western Alaska? As KNOM News recently reported, one local telecom provides internet to the region by using repeaters in the wilderness, powered by diesel generators that can only be refueled by helicopter.

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“Happy Sweet Birthday”

Black-and-white, vintage photo of woman with long hair, smiling at camera.

To mark the 47th anniversary of KNOM’s very first day on the air — July 14, 1971 — the mission’s website now offers recordings of “Happy Birthday” written and/or recorded especially for KNOM’s daily broadcasts.

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Passing the Baton

Three people hold a teal "Welcome to KNOM" banner inside a small airport terminal, while a man, standing over their shoulder, holds his own small camera back at the photographer.

As KNOM says goodbye to its 2017-2018 class of volunteer fellows — Karen Trop, Gabe Colombo, and Zoe Grueskin — we’re also happy to introduce the first member of the class of 2018-2019, Emily Hofstaedter.

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