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Margaret DeMaioribus, General Manager

Margaret DeMaioribus

Margaret DeMaioribus, KNOM Studios, August 2018. Photo: David Dodman, KNOM.

Margaret DeMaioribus’ eagerness to serve brought her to KNOM twice: first as a volunteer, and then again as a staff member.

A native of the suburbs of Philadelphia — her family still lives in West Chester, PA — Margaret received a bachelor’s degree from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, majoring in exercise science with minors in nutrition and psychology. After college, she interned at Duke University and put her studies to use by working in various medical clinics and fitness facilities. She then went to Cleveland, Ohio, to volunteer and live in community at Maggie’s Place, a home of hospitality for pregnant women. It was near the end of her tenure at Maggie’s Place, still eager to serve, that Margaret found out about KNOM and applied to be a volunteer. She says:

I immediately connected with the mission and foundation of who and what KNOM is, honoring the gift of presence. I told my co-volunteers at the time “I’m moving to Alaska.” They thought I was crazy. Service is powerful and meaningful to me, and KNOM gets it in such a unique way.

Soon, her application had been accepted, and Margaret found herself in Nome. At KNOM, she served one volunteer year (2012-2013) as a news reporter, covering a variety of stories and beats throughout Western Alaska. In the years to follow, while living in Seattle and dabbling in interior design and medical administration, Margaret still kept rural Alaska close in her heart. In late 2015, she decided the time was right to return when the outreach coordinator position opened up at KNOM. Within a few months, when the news director position became unexpectedly vacant, she took “other duties as assigned” to a new level by taking on the leadership of the news department, as well.

In June 2017, Margaret was promoted to general manager, coinciding with the retirement of longtime GM Ric Schmidt.

Margaret says she’s enjoying her second tenure with KNOM, whether it’s the travel that her position affords her or the outdoors time — hiking, running, and “adventuring into the wilderness” — that living in Nome makes possible. In the city of Nome, too, she’s deeply involved in the community, whether as a Rotarian or as a volunteer at St. Joseph Catholic Church.