Man wearing headphones in the recording studio of radio station.
Kevin Fox at the KNOM radio station.

Kevin S. Fox grew up in the borderlands between the Hudson and the Housatonic; the suburbs and the rural; the Yankees and the Red Sox; between New York and New England. 

A graduate of the University of Connecticut and lifelong Huskies basketball fan, Kevin is looking forward to working with a different team of huskies and learning how to navigate the Seward Peninsula on a dog sled. 

A traveler with a pilgrim spirit, Kevin has previously taught English in La Paz, Bolivia, worked with beekeepers in rural Paraguay as a Peace Corps volunteer, herded sheep in the Big Belt Mountains in Montana, worked on a commercial stone crab boat in the Gulf of Mexico, taught geography in Austria, Tanzania and the United States and walked the length of the Appalachian Trail with his now wife, Sonia Ibáñez from Spain.   

While in Austria, Kevin hosted and produced the monthly radio essay program, Geographical Imaginations: Radio Expeditions into the Geographies of Everything and Nothing, that broadcast from Radio Fabrik, a community radio station in Salzburg.

“Radio is all about making a greater range of ideas and voices accessible to the public.  Radio brings the local, regional and global home to the listener and, in exchange, opens doors to the people and places in the region.  Radio builds community.”  

– Kevin S. Fox

Collaborating with National Geographic, Kevin recently traveled to Arctic Norway and developed a year-long “expedition” with students in his AP Human Geography classes.  Their inquiry-based Asking the Arctic project explored the economic, social, cultural, political, environmental and demographic issues facing the polar North.  

Needless to say, when the opportunity arose to join KNOM as the next News Director, Kevin saw it as a great next step in his pilgrimage to the North.  

With a spirituality rooted in the Franciscan ideals of simplicity and social justice, the idea of pilgrimage has framed much of Kevin’s adult life. Coming to the westernmost peninsula of the continent is part of a longer pilgrimage that, he says, “has always challenged my understanding of my place in the world.”