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JoJo Phillips, Volunteer Fellow

Man standing amid vibrantly green, tall grass holds gimbal with digital camera attached
JoJo Phillips during a photography project in his home state of Texas. Photo used with permission.

JoJo Phillips grew up in the backwoods of northeastern Connecticut, wandering unblazed trails of many colors and watching his two older brothers graduate from collecting tadpoles to catching snakes.

From a very young age, JoJo learned the power of words and the magic of stringing those words together into stories. He describes his path to radio and to KNOM as “circuitous but seemingly inevitable,” not unlike those childhood trails, which “wound through the woods but always arrived back at home.”

His love of storytelling landed JoJo in the Lone Star State and the University of Texas at Austin, where he began studies of English, Plan II Honors, and Arabic. A Longhorn to the core, JoJo maintains Austin is the greatest city on earth and was sad to say goodbye to the Live Music Capital of the World. KNOM represents a new chapter for JoJo, where he can take the time to listen and learn a whole new breadth of stories. Day by day, he’ll be reporting, producing radio spots, and announcing live on the radio. He hopes he will leave his year of service with a renewed sense of the magical power of narrative he has always held close to his heart. 

JoJo is a certified cinephile and home-cook hobbyist. His perfect evening consists of a halibut dinner followed by a group crossword with fellow volunteers Joe and Katie, then settling in for a Bergman flick and an early bedtime. When he’s not living this dream, JoJo continues to write and photograph, as well as enjoying a good game of pickup soccer at the Nome Rec Center twice a week.