Ava has lived in Nome her entire life. This summer she has returned home, after her first year at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, to work a summer internship for KNOM. “I’ve enjoyed the chance to reconnect with my community in a new way,” she says.

KNOM was a staple part of Ava’s childhood. On the way to the elementary school, Ava recalls trying to remember lyrics to the songs she enjoyed on KNOM. In the winter months, her mother would tune into KNOM to listen for blizzard warnings or school delays. She remembers tuning into KNOM on a tiny American Girl radio, on which she always seemed to catch the evening Rosary. 

While away at college she has rediscovered her love of art and is working on a double major in both psychology and studio art. Unable to return home for Christmas due to the pandemic, the year away was the longest Ava had been away from home, and she found herself missing her family, the community, and familiarity of Nome.

Ava says she looks most forward to strengthening her writing skills, mastering radio technology, exploring KNOM’s music collection, and finding new ways to connect with the community during the internship. She will also receive an introduction to qualitative research by helping tally and analyze results of the first listener survey KNOM has conducted in thirty years. She is excited to spend the summer at KNOM, and learn the ins and outs of radio for the first time. 

When she isn’t at work (although she claims being at the station is so fun, you can hardly call it work), Ava enjoys reading anything with a hint of romance, soaking up the sun, and exercising her artistic abilities in any way shape or form.

Image: Ava Earthman on the walkway outside the KNOM station. Photo by Kjersti McElwee.