780 AM | 96.1 FM | “Yours for Western Alaska”

Our Mission

KNOM Mission Statement

“Encountering Christ, embracing culture, empowering growth, and engaging the listener.”

Our Values

1. Being a Friend and Companion
2. Respectful Service
3. Catholic Ideals

An Alaska Native dance ensemble performs inside a school gymnasium.

KNOM airs Alaska Native music regularly and often covers drumming and dancing events (such as this one from the Kingikmiut Dance Festival in Wales, Alaska, Sep. 2017). Photo: Gabe Colombo, KNOM.

About Us

KNOM exists to broadcast faith, inspiration, news, and education through radio to listeners in Western Alaska: from the Yukon Delta to the Bering Strait and throughout the villages and rural stretches of the Alaskan Bush.

As the oldest Catholic radio station in the United States, KNOM airs the evening Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy as well as weekly airings of local Catholic Mass. KNOM’s ministry is built on the foundational values of being a friend and companion to listeners and providing respectful service based on Catholic ideals.

The mission serves as a vital communications link for an exceptionally isolated and rural area. Listeners are informed about what’s happening in their home village, their state, their country, and their world. In this vein, KNOM works hard to keep news reporting objective, weather forecasts accurate, and community announcements comprehensive.

A landscape of a rural Alaska village: a grassy field with small houses and a shoreline

Wales, one of Alaska’s westernmost communities and one of the many villages that KNOM serves, seen in September 2017. Photo: Gabe Colombo, KNOM.

KNOM is honored to do its part to celebrate the traditional music and storytelling of Alaska Native peoples, especially those in Western Alaska, in hopes that the programming helps to bolster the most deeply rooted cultures of Alaska.

KNOM seeks to be a place where conversations can begin and where communities can be strengthened.

We are KNOM: Yours for Western Alaska.