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Nome School district gears up for new year

By Miriam Trujillo | August 18, 2022

As children in the Nome school district head back to classes this week, Nome Superintendent of Schools Jamie Burgess explained what the biggest changes are going to be for this coming school year.

Small Fire in Nome Quickstop

By Miriam Trujillo | August 15, 2022 |

On Aug. 1, A small fire on Nome’s Front Street was quickly extinguished by the Nome Volunteer Fire Department or NVFD.

NOAA bottom trawl survey introduces new projects

By Miriam Trujillo | August 11, 2022 |

Special projects for this year’s survey include Pacific Cod Tagging, investigations into cod and pollock fish condition, herring collection and an assessment of the levels of saxitoxins in algal blooms.

Nome bird contracts Avian Influenza

By Davis Hovey | August 8, 2022 |

The Nome Census area now has a confirmed case of Avian Flu for this year. According to the State Veterinarian’s office, a glaucous gull tested positive for H5N1 on July 18.

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Public Safety


The Liitfik Wellness and Treatment Center will eventually live in a new, two-story building across the street from the Norton Sound Regional Hospital (pictured), according to NSHC President Angie Gorn. Photo: Laura Kraegel, KNOM.

CDC reports racial disparity in COVID impact

By Miriam Trujillo | June 28, 2022

A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (coauthored by a Department of Health and Social Services employee) found that Alaska Native people face disproportionate risks from COVID-19, compared to white residents in Alaska.

Environment & Climate

The beginning of a colorful sunset over the sea ice in Nome.

Storms Erode Bering Sea Ice Pack; Caution Is Urged

By Davis Hovey | February 12, 2019

Winter storms currently buffeting the Bering Sea have caused sea ice coverage to be reduced by almost 25% since late January. Ice cover is variable throughout the region, and extra caution and vigilance are urged for residents considering going out on the sea ice.