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Disaster Declaration Announced for 2019 Norton Sound Red King Crab Fishery

By Catherine Rubano | July 27, 2021

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, announced a disaster declaration for the 2019 Norton Sound red king crab season.

Bob Metcalf Becomes Nome Board of Education’s Newest Member

By Miriam Trujillo | July 27, 2021

The Nome Board of Education interviewed and swore in its newest member at its special meeting on July 19th. Bob Metcalf filled a vacancy left by Jill Peters, who retired in April.

Unalakleet Residents to Support Coast Guard’s Response Efforts

By Catherine Rubano | July 21, 2021

Local Norton Sound residents will help the United States Coast Guard respond to emergencies such as oil spills and rescue efforts.

Kawerak Earns Three Year Grant For Backhaul Alaska Program

By Miriam Trujillo | July 19, 2021

The Denali Commission and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Kawerak Inc.’s Backhaul Alaska program with a three million dollar grant.

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Disparities in Sexual Assault Crimes in Nome


Silver Salmon Fry under microscope at Nome Elementary School.

Nome-Beltz Teacher Receives STEM Grant for Research Lab Kits, to Develop Young Scientists

By Sophia Desalvo | September 23, 2020

Dr. Anthony Husemann, a full-time science teacher at NBHS, received $5000 in grant money to serve as a mentor for Nome students to be able to conduct science research independently, as well as to develop STEM projects.

Public Safety

Close-up of a white Nome Police Department vehicle.

Man Forcibly Arrested Outside Hansons, No Body Camera Footage Exists Say Police

By Emily Hofstaedter | April 30, 2021

Police arrested twenty-year old Javen Slwooko of Gambell in the Hansons grocery store on an active arrest warrant. He was mandated to return to the Seaside Center after completing his shift at Hanson’s on Friday, April 23rd but did not– prompting authorities at Seaside to notify the Nome Police for Slwooko’s arrest.


The sun sets over the Bering Sea in the late afternoon. Clouds fill the sky, and snow covers the ground and buildings in Nome

One-Year Since COVID-19 Is Confirmed In Nome, The Region Fights Virus With Creativity

By Emily Hofstaedter | April 14, 2021

Throughout the pandemic so far, there have been no deaths reported for any regional residents. As of this week, NSHC has reported a total of 338 positive cases of COVID-19 since the first confirmed case in April 2020. Six people have been hospitalized.

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