“My Iñupiaq name is Igḷuġuq and I prefer to be called Igḷuġuq. My parents are Tarruq and Aġnik Schaeffer of Kotzebue and Noorvik.”

Igḷuġuq Okleasik is from Kotzebue and lives in Nome. Her husband’s name is Ukallaysaaq, and they have three boys; Ivik, Qaulluq and Talugnaqtuaq, and one daughter; Kavlaq.

“It is important to hear our indigenous languages on the radio. I am a second language learner of Iñupiaq. It’s important to hear Iñupiaq many times to learn Iñupiaq,” she says.

Igḷuġuq is also a lover of country music. She says she likes being “able to volunteer at the radio station to play music I love and speak Iñupiaq”.