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The Nome Static, 2020 (All)

Dear Friend of KNOM… (March 2020)

In small rural Alaskan communities the fruits of good labors are easy to see. The scale of service requires greater individual input, because there aren’t many hands to make the work light. However, with great input comes great output. Just a few people with a common purpose can become a lightning rod for the power…

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Old Church Building Is Now Common Housing in Nome

Janice Wilson holds a jar of canned salmon in the kitchen of Kugzruk Kommons.

“I love that the kitchen is so large that all the tenants can come in and do as they wish. There’s enough space!” Janice Wilson is the owner of the Kugzruk Kommons, a new common house in Nome. She purchased the property in November and got to construction right away, intending to open for tenants…

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Caring Suicide Prevention

A regional info session for suicide prevention.

“Suicide has always been a really hard issue to talk about… Even for myself personally. It took me a long time to talk about my parents, but to me it was a very long and difficult road. I carried a lot of false guilt, that’s what I’m calling it now, thinking I could have done…

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Proof Positive: Day Shelter’s First Year Results

Exterior of off-white building in Nome at dawn.

“It’s like bringing a family together: sharing, sleeping, and eating. And I’ve noticed in people their attitude has changed a lot. They’re a lot more friendly.” Robert Soolook of Little Diomede says the day shelter’s guests are treated with great dignity, so it feels like a community. On past visits to Nome, return has been…

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From the GM’s Desk (March 2020)

“It is a gift to be able to share these stories of generosity and care in Western Alaska. We are able to witness the beauty and dignity of the human person through the hearts of others. May God give us the courage to live out this great love in all we do this month ahead.…

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‘Dear Friend of KNOM…’ (February 2020)

Patience, endurance, and resiliency are typical attributes of Western Alaskans. 2019 ended with some of the mildest weather on record. 2020, on the other hand, blew in with temperatures far below zero and wind chills reaching -70 degrees. The lack of insulating snow compounded buildings’ vulnerability to freezing. Through all these challenges, folks adapt, bundle…

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Meet Norton Sound’s First Baby of 2020

Nome’s first baby born in 2020 was Bella Aria Wyman, to parents John and Jocelyn Wyman. She arrived just before 10am on January 5th. Her mother. Jocelyn, says Bella arrived a week before her due date, just in time for the new year. Bella weighed six pounds and ten ounces. She joins two older sisters…

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Guard Refortifying in Nome

“When I was four years old, we were living in our cabin nine miles up the river from White Mountain and we had a massive flood, in 1985. A HU-1 (Huey) helicopter came out and extracted us from our campsite because we were flooded. We had to spend a few hours on a piece of…

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