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The Nome Static, July 2019

Awarding Art

Jerome Saclamana is one of several local artists who have been awarded grants from the Rasmuson Foundation to cultivate their crafts.

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God & Grit Go to the Mats

Woman in black sweatshirt stands smiling next to the beach near Stebbins

“It’s been my dream to do this since I was a kid, and it’s finally happening. I still can’t believe it.” 16-year-old Joycelyn Katcheak is the first Bering Strait School District student to receive a four-year college scholarship for wrestling. She will travel this fall to the University of Jamestown in North Dakota: 2,617 miles from her home village of Stebbins.

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No Bullying in Koyuk

For the first time ever, high school students in Koyuk organized and led a workshop for their peers, this spring, on preventing bullying and substance abuse.

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Ragin’ Contagion

Group of people wearing colorful, reflective vests stand together inside a large gymnasium.

What would happen if a virulent, airborne disease hit the isolated villages of rural Alaska? That worst-case scenario was the focus of a statewide exercise this spring, “Ragin’ Contagion,” which included Nome and the KNOM listening community of Shaktoolik.

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