The Nome-Beltz wrestling team attended the ACS Denali Auto Glass Invite last weekend. Both the girls’ competition and the boys’ competition were in bracketed style. In one of those bracketed tournaments, two Nome-Beltz girls wrestled each other for the championship in their weight class.

Nome-Beltz athlete Natallie Tobuk won first place in that weight class and scored 23 team points. She defeated Nome-Beltz athlete, Katie Smith, who won second and scored 22 team points.

In a higher girl’s weight class, Lacey Sherman scored five team points. She did not place in the tournament but advanced as far as the third cons round.

In the boys’ section, Nanook Son Erickson placed third in his weight class. He scored 18 team points. 

In a higher weight class, Nanook Thomas Hannon placed third, scoring 19.5 team points.

In a higher weight class, Nome-Beltz athlete Jonathan Smith advanced as far as his second cons round. He did not place in the tournament. Nanook Duke McGuffey, in the same weight class, won third and scored 17 team points.

In a higher weight class, Nanook Andy Peterson took fourth and scored 22 team points. In the same weight class, Nome-Beltz athlete Karlin Ahwinona placed sixth, scoring 12 team points.

In the highest weight class that featured Nome-Beltz athletes, Wyatt Ahmasuk scored six team points. He did not place in his tournament but did advance as far as his fourth cons round.

Image at top: Nome Beltz Wrestling team in action. Photo courtesy of Nome Public Schools Staff. Used with permission.