Snow-covered, rural Alaska street on a partly cloudy winter day.

Four new patients in Stebbins have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, within the last 48 hours.

Norton Sound Health Corporation announced three residents tested positive yesterday while the fourth was identified on Tuesday. There are now 64 total cases of the virus in Stebbins with 23 of them currently active.

NSHC says they still have additional medical staff in the community to provide more COVID-19 testing. Over 83% of Stebbins’ residents have been tested for the virus at this time. Local leadership continue to enforce the community-wide lockdown and are encouraging residents not to come into contact with anyone outside of their own homes.

The regional health corporation says if an individual is identified as a close contact of a patient with COVID-19, then that person should stay in quarantine until the State’s Public Health Nursing Department tells them it is okay to come out of quarantine.

If you have questions about quarantine or general questions about COVID-19, then you can call the State of Alaska’s resource number at 2-1-1.

Image at top: A residential street in Stebbins, Alaska, in winter. Photo: Emily Russell, KNOM file.