With snow on the beach, the Bering Sea remained unfrozen at the end of October 2017.

Volunteer searchers are still looking to recover the third crew member of a local mining dredge, who disappeared when the vessel capsized outside of Nome earlier this month.

52-year-old Alexie Klutchnikov has still not been recovered after a boat called “The Charlotte” wrecked near Cape Nome on October 15th. Nome Search and Rescue Chief Jim West Jr. says searchers comb the beaches east of Nome at least daily in the hopes of recovering the missing man. West reports that debris from the wreckage continues to come ashore and Klutchnikov’s body could possibly turn up that way as well.

One crew member from the Charlotte has survived the accident so far. According to Alaska State troopers, Pavel Denisenko escaped the capsized vessel by floating in a life raft to shore where he then called for help.

Three days after the accident, the body of Serhii Denysenko was recovered approximately seven miles east of Nome. According to a spokesperson with AST, Pavel and Serhii are brothers.

Image at Top: The Bering Sea in late October 2017. Photo: Zoe Grueskin/KNOM.

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  1. Ramon Gandia on October 30, 2020 at 10:57 pm

    We pray for the recovery of Alexie’s body, that the fmaily may have closure. And that Jesus, in his infinite mercy will grant him a resting place in his House.