Megan Alvanna-Stimpfle

One local Inupiaq woman has been named as a “Native American 40 Under 40” award recipient by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED).

According to a press release, Megan Alvanna-Stimpfle from the King Island Native Community and Nome was nominated for the award due to her leadership, initiative, and dedication to her community.

President and CEO of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, Chris James said of Alvanna-Stimpfle and the other 39 winners, “whether it’s in business, tribal government, journalism, academia, or non-profits, 40 under 40 winners (are) shining examples for all of us to follow.”

The “40 Under 40” award recipients will be honored on September 6th during a NCAIED regional conference in Washington state.

Image at top: Megan Alvanna-Stimpfle. Photo courtesy of Megan Alvanna-Stimpfle.