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Blessed with Visitors

Bishop Chad celebrates Mass in Nome, December 2015

KNOM’s hallways and airwaves have been graced with a number of special visits this winter.

In December, we were happy to welcome Bishop Chad Zielinski, the leader of the Diocese of Fairbanks (of which Nome and KNOM country are a part). Bishop Chad toured St. Joseph Catholic Church, just a block north of KNOM studios, and celebrated Sunday Mass, live on the air (pictured at top).

Bishop Chad, Van Craft, and KNOM staff, volunteers, and friends

Left to right: Emily, Mitch, Bishop Chad, Laura, Maddie, Deacon Bob Froehle, Van Craft, Bill Chrisman, and Ric.

At the same time, we received a visit from an engineer, Van Craft, whose expertise has been invaluable. Van has been helping us with technical and logistical steps for our digital studios renovation project (which we’ll continue to detail in future issues of the Static). Van is pictured in the second photo (above), third from right, amongst KNOMers and friends (from left to right: Emily, Mitch, Bishop Chad, Laura, Maddie, Deacon Bob Froehle, Van Craft, Bill Chrisman, and Ric).

KNOM staff at dinner, January 2016

Left to right: Paul, David, Robyn, Lynette, and Ric.

In January, KNOM was blessed again with a visit from Anchorage’s Robyn Woyte (introduced in a separate article in our February newsletter); our spiritual director, Father Mark Hoelsken; and board president Paul Korchin. All were in Nome to reconnect with our mission, making for a happy reunion; it was the first time that all of our 2016 staffers, including Robyn, were together. (Third photo, above, left to right: Paul, David, Robyn, Lynette, and Ric; fourth photo, below: Robyn, Nome parish priest Father Vince Burns, and Father Mark.)

In addition to the work they do for our mission, we’re supported, too, by the care and spirit of Van, Robyn, Paul, Fr. Mark, and so many others. Like you, they’re all part of KNOM’s family.

Robyn, Father Vince, and Father Mark

Robyn, Father Vince, and Father Mark.


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  2. Gerald F. Marshall on February 3, 2016 at 9:49 am

    If I remember correctly your envelope used have the name of a priest as well the sleigh dogs? I think the priest was Tom. Why is his name no longer on the envelope?

    • David Dodman on February 3, 2016 at 11:12 am

      Hello, Gerald!

      I’m wondering if perhaps you’re thinking of our former general manager (through 2005) Tom Busch, or perhaps former board president Father Ross Tozzi? Their names were definitely on our letterhead at one point. Currently, our general manager is Ric Schmidt, alongside spiritual director Father Mark Hoelsken and board president Paul Korchin.

      Not sure if that helps. Father Tom doesn’t ring a bell, at least in the recent past. Thanks.

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