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Saturday Music Requests

Record playing in Studio A

It’s your hour, your songs, your show every Saturday afternoon, as Anna Rose plays the songs you’re dying to hear.

Send us your request below – and don’t forget to tune in, every Saturday, after the 12:15pm and 5:15pm Hotlines.

  • What song would you like to hear?
  • To help us find the song you're requesting, tell us the artist, singer, or ensemble who performed it.
  • We'll only use your first name on the air. Please note that we can't do song dedications. (Songs can't be sent to someone else; they can only come from the person making the request.)
  • Please note that we can only accept song requests from within our Western Alaska listening range.
  • Your email address will not be aired. We ask for it just in case we need to get in touch about your song request.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not able to use this form, you can still call in your requests: (907) 443-5221 or, during the request show only1-800-478-5666 (KNOM).

Depending on demand, song availability, and the schedules of each request show, we may not be able to air all song requests. Thanks for your understanding.

KNOM cannot accept any music requests from anyone who is currently incarcerated (such as in Anvil Mountain Correctional Center, or AMCC). By submitting your request, you verify that your music request meets this requirement and that all information you have provided is accurate.

KNOM reserves the right to withhold any song request from its airwaves, especially if the request is proven to contain false or coded information or if it is in any way deemed illegitimate by the KNOM staff.