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Community Announcements

What’s happening in your community? Let the listeners of Western Alaska know with our community announcements.

Announcements are read throughout each day and receive special attention at our daily hotline program (12:15pm and 5:15pm).

Want to send a person-to-person message instead? Try our Hotline form.

If, for whatever reason, you’re not able to use this form, you can still call in your community announcements: (907) 443-5221.

KNOM cannot air any hotline messages from anyone who is currently incarcerated (such as in Anvil Mountain Correctional Center, or AMCC); we can air messages to those at AMCC, however. By clicking “Submit,” you verify that your message meets this requirement and that all information you have provided is accurate.

KNOM reserves the right to withhold any message from its airwaves, especially if the message is proven to contain false or coded information or if it is in any way deemed illegitimate by the KNOM staff.