780 AM | 96.1 FM | “Yours for Western Alaska”

Zoe Grueskin, Volunteer News Reporter

Zoe grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, and studied environmental policy at Williams College in Massachusetts.

After graduation, she taught English in the Chinese mega-city of Shanghai, then returned to the USA to study radio production at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, North Carolina.

Zoe is “excited about journalism and storytelling that is firmly grounded in community,” she says, and she’s eager to come to know the region KNOM serves — Western Alaska — “through the voices and stories of the people who live here.” She’ll have ample opportunity to do so through her work in the KNOM news department, her monthly productions of Story49, as well as daily deejay shifts in the afternoons.

Outside the KNOM station, Zoe’s hobbies span the arts: she enjoys drawing, painting, photography, playing the guitar, and songwriting. With regards to the latter, Zoe is hoping to write a few songs specifically about Alaska during her Nome stint, and she’ll no doubt have plenty of inspiration for her creativity, since she also enjoys spending time outdoors.