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Niviaaluk Brandt, Community DJ

Community deejay Niviaaluk Brandt, sitting near a radio microphone

Community deejay Niviaaluk Brandt in KNOM’s new, digital broadcast studio. Photo: Laura Collins, KNOM.

One of the newest members of our radio family is Niviaaluk Brandt, who succeeded longtime deejay Marjorie Tahbone as the host of the wildly popular Wednesday morning show Alianait Radio (ah-lee-AH-ny-eet, a word that means “let’s have a good time” in the Alaska Native language of Inupiaq).

Here’s Niviaaluk, in her own words:

My name is Niviaaluk Anne-Mia Mitaglak Ellanna Brandt, but everyone calls me Nivi.

I am the proud great-granddaughter of Frank and Ursula Ellanna of King Island. I was born to Lisa Ellanna of Nome, Alaska, and Erik Brandt of Greenland. I am the oldest of 4 children, and I have 13 aunts and uncles, 4 grandparents, a great-grandmother, and many cousins worldwide! I am also the mother of three: one late, all sons.

I grew up in Nome and graduated in 2011 from Nome-Beltz High School. I want to be a teacher of some sort. I want to teach Inupiaq and math and influence everyone I meet in a positive way. I enjoy dancing of all kinds. I adore art; I draw with mixed mediums. I like to sing. I am interested in sharing my culture and its approach of human respect for everyone and everything. I want everyone to have a few minutes a day to enjoy life. I also want to share Inupiaq values, because of how important it is for a strong sense of self; that is what I hope to spread by sharing the music I do on my show, an hour of Native artists from across the globe. I also hope to connect people to their roots by the lyrics in the music I play.

Thanks to you, our listeners enjoy Nivi’s show — truly, a “good time,” in more ways than one — each week on KNOM’s FM and AM air signals.