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Betsy Brennan, Development Data Manager

Betsy in the business office

KNOM has been twice blessed with the enthusiasm of volunteer-turned-staff-member Betsy Brennan.

Betsy grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and graduated from Vermont’s St. Michael’s College in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. She came to KNOM right after college and worked as a volunteer for two years, on and off the airwaves: she served as a cook, an on-air DJ, and a producer (of public service announcements).

Betsy says she “loved Nome instantly” when coming to KNOM, so when her volunteer time ended, she stayed in town. She went to work for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a fishery biologist and met her future husband, Mike. They married in 1998 and started a family.

In 2006, Betsy returned to KNOM – this time, as a part-time staff member – to help out in our business office. You’ll frequently find her corresponding with our (wonderful!) donors and lending her voice to radio spots (or PSAs).

As Betsy says, “I have enjoyed becoming part of the KNOM family again; it feels like I have come full circle.”