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Our Staff

KNOM staff, 2013-2014

The 2013-2014 KNOM staff, gathered in the lobby of our studio building in downtown Nome, Alaska.

The KNOM Radio family encompasses a network of donors throughout the United States, tens of thousands of listeners in Western Alaska, and dozens of employees and community volunteers who give of their time and their talents at the KNOM studios in Nome.

Here you can explore a part of the KNOM family: the people who work at KNOM as permanent staff members or full-time volunteers, as well as the community members who host regular shows on our airwaves.

2 Responses to “Our Staff”

  1. Tom Szerencse

    One page 1 of newsletter 585 there is a story about turning on the antenna heaters. In the picture I see antennas without radomes. Wouldn’t radomes be a better way to go? Question for Ric Schmidt.

    • David Dodman

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your question! I’ll forward this along to Ric and the rest of our engineering-minded folks, and I’ll hopefully have an answer for you soon.