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In photos: Iditarod re-start in Willow

Stop and Go signs near the race re-start

The Last Great Race begins twice – in two very different ways. The Ceremonial Start, in downtown Anchorage on Saturday, is, in some ways, rather un-Iditarod-like. While the race itself is often solitary, unfolding over wild expanses of rural terrain, the Saturday Iditarod start is the exact opposite: overflowing with visitors, boisterous in style, and…

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Update News: February 18th, 2014

In Tuesday’s news: A group of Republican state senators wants to change the make-up of a commission that vets judges for the governor; The Iditarod Trail Committee’s Board of Directors votes to keep the race restart in Willow; Opponents of a proposed education amendment rally outside the state capital; Top Iron Dog racers separated by…

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Update News: February 17th, 2014

In Monday’s news: With the start of the 2014 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race last night, racers discuss the course, gear, and their ambitions; Secretary of State Kerry says in a letter to Sen. Begich he’s creating an Arctic ambassadorship; A bill that would allow qualified VPSO’s to carry firearms clears a senate committee; Iditarod Trail…

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Louie Ambrose on his layover “mistake”

“I made a mistake declaring my layover,” rookie Louie Ambrose says of his recent run in Iditarod 2013. The St. Michael, Alaska musher (who was born in Tanana and raised in Galena) reports that he originally intended to take his mandatory 24-hour layover in Ophir but, in retrospect, wishes he had stopped in McGrath. Ultimately, Ambrose…

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Failor: “There’s only 750 miles left”

In Rohn, two mushers – Martin Buser and Matt Failor, Buser’s dog-handler-turned-musher – are bucking an Iditarod trend. The two competitors – running “A” and “B” teams from Buser’s kennel, respectively – turned heads when they decided to take their 24-hour layovers in Rohn yesterday. They’ll both be eligible to depart later today (Tuesday), and…

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And so it begins (again)!

65 mushers*, 1,000 miles, and 1 (Last  Great) race: over the next two weeks at KNOM, we’ll be covering all angles of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, both on the air – 96.1 FM and 780 AM – and on this site. Iditarod is back, and we’re thrilled to bring you the latest in…

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