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The Art of Asking

“Small-town living in the Alaskan frontier,” Dayneé says, “is a fine balance between rugged individualism and communal caring… Sooner or later, you have to ask for help.”

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Nome Relay for Life

It’s Christmas time: a special time of the year when we remember those who have lost battles to cancer, celebrate the lives of our survivors, and fundraise for cancer research. …okay. I can hear you through the computer screen as you let out a big, clear, “uh, No. Can you please go make some cookies…

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A Year (or two) in Review

How does one encapsulate a year (or two) of growth? I have to admit that I’ve been up late over the past couple weeks trying to process what has transpired – not only during my time at KNOM but also during my first year of service in Ohio. Not so long ago, I remember getting…

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Breakfast Wednesday

Spinach frittatas. Whole-wheat waffles. Greek yogurt. Smoothies. Oatmeal buffet. Tundra-picked berries. Coffee. Tea. Oh, yeah. It must be Wednesday at KNOM. When you are behind the microphone, it’s easy to forget how it is that you are serving others. You don’t see the people you reach and they don’t see you. This dynamic often makes…

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Winter is Coming, Did You Bring Your Coat?

“I hate summer. My winter clothes and animal hats want to be liberated NOW.” This is what I told a friend as I suffered from heat stroke last summer.  I daydreamed of snow and wind and of a frozen land up north, and guess what? I got it. This is my first winter in Nome.…

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