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The Prodigal Sun Returns

A welcomed relief come February and March is the return of a decent amount of daylight. In December, Western Alaska deals with less than four hours of daylight which can start to take a depressing toll on a person. Now; however, in March we are quickly gaining daylight, more than 6 minutes each day, and…

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It Takes a Village (Trip)

I love to travel. I’ve been lucky enough in my brief 27 years on this planet to see quite a bit of it, and some interesting, off-the-beaten-path corners of it, too. The question “what brought you to Alaska?” is one I’ve asked – and been asked – a few times since moving to Nome. And…

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Get Your Tickets to the Northern Lights Show

The recipe for a good northern lights show is pretty simple. All you need to do is find a clear night, get away from the city lights, live near the magnetic north pole, and time it such that a giant explosion on the sun sprays the atmosphere with highly energized particles. You can achieve all…

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