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Getting Out of Town

Volunteer Jenn is back from her first reporting trip to Elim! It was a long but rejuvenating trip up the Tubuktulik River, with many photos to show for it.

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Outta Nome

Elim in winter. Photo: KNOM File.

When you live in the sub-Arctic, you’re surrounded by a landscape mostly devoid of trees. As Tara says, “you get a little giddy when you see trees again.”

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Adventure Safety

Imagine you have a dog. You love your dog. His name is Mittens. You are walking down the street with Mittens when, suddenly, you encounter a huge herd of muskox. But wait, there’s more! There’s mama muskox, papa muskox, and even a little baby muskox (aww… baby muskox) and your dog is barking waaay to…

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