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Update News: May 1st, 2014

In Thursday’s news: US Dept. of Interior considering taking AK tribal land into trust; North Slope oil spill draws attention to frequency of smaller chemical incidents; Arctic Resource Development conference in Gambell concludes with international overtures; Slain Manokotak VPSO Madole to be honored in national memorial; Nome’s Carrie M. McClain Museum another step closer to…

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The Power of Trust

Along the road

“I have been amazed at the responsibility we are entrusted with at the station,” first-year volunteer Tara Cicatello says. “But we make it work.”

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As you probably can tell from many recent volunteer blogs, we are in reflection time. It’s about halfway through our year volunteering at KNOM, which I think is a natural point to review where we’ve been and where we see ourselves going, both here in Nome as well as in the years to come. Quite…

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Every night…

An inspirational spot from the November 2012 edition of our newsletter, The Nome Static: Every night, I turn my troubles over to God. He’s going to be awake anyway!

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In troubled times

Our inspirational spot of the week: The greatest peace I’ve ever known I found in troubled times. For when I put my trust in God, He eased my troubled mind.

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