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Scientists Find Prevalence of Algal Toxins in the Arctic

NOME, AK — For the first time, scientists have documented the prevalence of two biotoxins in Alaska’s marine mammal population above the Arctic Circle. That’s according to a new study out Thursday in the Journal Harmful Algae. But it’s not clear if algal toxins have always existed in the Arctic, because scientists never looked before now.…

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Update News: October 25th, 2013

In Friday’s news: Byron Mallot addresses the AFN Convention; Diomede prepares a resolution to declare an economic disaster; Kawerak’s Social Science Program releases traditional knowledge projects; The AK Water and Sewer Challenge seeks a decentralized water and sewer system. http://knom.org/wp-audio/2013/10/2013-10-25-knom-update-news.mp3

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Kawerak Mapping Hunters and Elders’ Knowledge

With sea ice receding and shipping traffic on the rise, maritime organizations have begun developing policies to regulate shipping and development in the Bering Straits. Many in the region are concerned. They fear those policies will ignore subsistence hunters’ needs. Kawerak is doing something about it. Kawerak is compiling traditional knowledge of walrus and seal habitats.…

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Update News: Friday, April 12, 2013

In Friday’s news: Anchorage man banished from Akiak after suspected of bringing alcohol into dry community; GCI’s TERRA-Northwest project underway; Elders and youth gathered yesterday to exchange traditional knowledge of marine mammal hunting; State House has passed legislation to help bring LNG to Interior Alaska; Kobuk 440 mushers on the trail.

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