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A Year (or two) in Review

How does one encapsulate a year (or two) of growth? I have to admit that I’ve been up late over the past couple weeks trying to process what has transpired – not only during my time at KNOM but also during my first year of service in Ohio. Not so long ago, I remember getting…

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“I am glad we are able to help in some small way…”

From time to time, we share a short story that touches us. Here is a portion of a response to a donation thank-you from a KNOM listener. She writes: While we are not Catholic, KNOM has been our preferred radio station for years, and we do appreciate your prayers. These last few months and the upcoming ones, we…

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August 1992: A thank-you from the governor

August 2, 1992 A letter arrives out of the blue from Alaska governor Walter Hickel. “Thank you for your generous commitment and devotion to the communities in the Nome area,” He writes. “Your radio broadcasts are really making a difference.” The governor and his wife are annual KNOM contributors.

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