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In photos: Takotna

Nell and the cooking crew

For many mushers in each year’s Iditarod, the Takotna checkpoint is all about rest – specifically, 24 hours of it. Those who choose to linger here for their mandatory 24-hour layover are rewarded with beautiful views, relative quiet, and an ample, almost seemingly endless selection of fruit pies and hearty meals.

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Matt Failor, in Takotna, on enduring a “wild ride”

“That has to be, hands down, the hardest Iditarod trail anyone’s ever seen,” Matt Failor told KNOM in Takotna on Wednesday afternoon. Failor was describing the extremely rough, largely snow-free trail, leading into Rohn and Nikolai, that’s given so many mushers trouble over the past few days. In his interview with Laureli Kinneen, Failor outlined…

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After a “survival shuffle,” Phillips happy to be on a 24

Michelle Phillips in Takotna

If one had to generalize about Iditarod 2014 thus far, it’d probably be safe to say this: the dogs are generally doing well, but their mushers are pretty tired. That’s definitely the picture painted by many mushers and race observers in Takotna: among them, competitor Michelle Phillips, who talked with KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen on Wednesday…

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Richie Diehl, “loving it”

Richie Diehl, Takotna

“I’m loving it right now,” Richie Diehl says of the Iditarod trail through Takotna. After days of terrible trail – wrought by this winter’s unseasonable warmth and lack of snowfall – the route from Nikolai to McGrath and on to Takotna, Diehl says, was better. Much better. Despite the accident-prone conditions of the trail earlier…

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Louie Ambrose on his layover “mistake”

“I made a mistake declaring my layover,” rookie Louie Ambrose says of his recent run in Iditarod 2013. The St. Michael, Alaska musher (who was born in Tanana and raised in Galena) reports that he originally intended to take his mandatory 24-hour layover in Ophir but, in retrospect, wishes he had stopped in McGrath. Ultimately, Ambrose…

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