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Baker’s Dozen: Live Finishes of the Top 13

audio by the KNOM Staff; photos by David Dodman In the past two days, Nome has been buzzing with Iditarod; as of dinnertime Wednesday night, the top 19 mushers are in (with the 20th, Rick Swenson, in sight on Nome’s outskirts), and there are dozens more still to come. These two days have been filled…

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Photos: Ramey Smyth’s Running Finish

text and photos by David Dodman Ramey Smyth is known for pulling out the stops on the final stretch of the Iditarod trail: the 22 miles from the Safety checkpoint to the finish line in Nome. On Tuesday morning, at Smyth’s 2nd place finish, the Willow, Alaska musher’s vigor was on clear display: Smyth ran…

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text by David Dodman The state of Alaska is about to have a very good day. John Baker has just won Iditarod 39. The Kotzebue musher, an Alaska Native with strong roots both in rural Alaska and in the Iditarod itself, has just crossed the finish line in Nome with 10 dogs. Congratulations to John…

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In White Mountain: Ramey Smyth, Making Final Assessments

audio by Laureli Kinneen; text and photo by David Dodman   In White Mountain Monday night, Ramey Smyth’s dogs were happily eating their food. Hungry dogs eating well are always a good sign, but Smyth didn’t seem over-confident. His dogs “gave everything they had to get here (White Mountain),” Smyth said to KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen.…

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Who? and When?

text and photo by David Dodman; audio by David Dodman, Laureli Kinneen, and Linda Maack On the eve of the Iditarod finish, a lot of fervent race fans are asking themselves the same two questions: who’s going to win this race? And when will that happen? For now, the first question is almost impossible to…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 14 (5pm)

audio by Ric Schmidt and Ben Matheson Hear Monday’s 5pm on-air Iditarod Update: almost certainly the last before we have a champion! Tonight, Ric and Ben talked about John Baker’s and Ramey Smyth’s chances at the 2011 championship and ran down the rest of the leader board:

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