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Not Just Talk

A Sunny Day in Golovin

Emily came to Nome to tell stories. As the host of “Story 49,” she does just that. On a recent trip, though, she found that a KNOM volunteer’s service sometimes goes beyond connecting through the radio to making more personal connections in this vast but tiny part of the state.

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Former KNOM volunteers continuing to serve

Volunteers come to serve KNOM listeners for a year or more from a variety of backgrounds. Some are fresh out of college with a keen interest in broadcasting. Others have a few years of real-world work under their belts, hungry for a job where they can truly make a difference. One major thing they have in common is…

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A Year (or two) in Review

How does one encapsulate a year (or two) of growth? I have to admit that I’ve been up late over the past couple weeks trying to process what has transpired – not only during my time at KNOM but also during my first year of service in Ohio. Not so long ago, I remember getting…

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You and the world

The question is not whether the world can go on without me, but rather, whether it’s going to be any better because of me.

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Final Currents.

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon Like a dream I’m living in Baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio How do you like me now? Radio – Lana Del Rey I have already written this blog one hundred times over in my mind. Many nights have been spent crafting what it was…

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Farewell, Josh!

As we’ve said before in the Static, summer is a bittersweet time at KNOM Radio Mission, as we say goodbye to the wonderful volunteers who are completing their years of service. This month will be our last with music director Joshua Cunningham, who departs in early August after a year of outstanding work. From his…

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Called to serve

With your support, the KNOM Radio Mission has been a presence in Western Alaska’s communities for more than four decades – and not always just through the airwaves. We’re so thrilled when our outstanding, full-time volunteers serve our region even beyond KNOM’s studio walls; news reporter Margaret DeMaioribus is one such volunteer. Margaret, who hails…

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An inspirational spot from the May 2013 issue of our newsletter, The Nome Static: Life is like a game of tennis: the player who serves well seldom loses.  

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