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Jeff King scratches

Jeff King, talking to the press

In a stunning turn of events, musher Jeff King has scratched from Iditarod 42. The musher, who was in a commanding lead mere hours ago – a lead that, in most Iditarod years, would have been likely insurmountable – was stopped just shy of the Safety checkpoint by severely strong winds. According to Iditarod.com’s Joe…

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Update News: February 17th, 2014

In Monday’s news: With the start of the 2014 Iron Dog Snowmachine Race last night, racers discuss the course, gear, and their ambitions; Secretary of State Kerry says in a letter to Sen. Begich he’s creating an Arctic ambassadorship; A bill that would allow qualified VPSO’s to carry firearms clears a senate committee; Iditarod Trail…

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Willomitzer: “I might have to pull out”

Gerry Willomitzer had a long run – a very long run – coming into Unalakleet. After nearly 24 hours on the trail from Kaltag, Willomitzer finally arrived into Unalakleet a few minutes before 4am Monday morning. His dogs, Willomitzer said, were not looking good. It was “a rough run in(to) here,” he said, noting that his…

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Gerry Willomitzer Scratches

text by David Dodman; photo by Ben Matheson The number of scratches in Iditarod 39 now stands at six, with the departure of veteran musher Gerry Willomitzer from the race late Wednesday morning. According to Iditarod’s official Eye on the Trail, Willomitzer scratched in McGrath at 11am Wednesday with 12 dogs in his team. The…

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Storey Scratches

text by David Dodman; photo by Ben Matheson Rookie musher Bob Storey has scratched from Iditarod 2011. The Auckland, New Zealand musher exited the race this morning at the Rainy Pass checkpoint, according to the Anchorage Daily News’ Iditarod Live: The Sled Blog. (As of 11:07am, Iditarod’s official Eye on the Trail blog has yet…

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Jessica Hendricks Scratches

by David Dodman Veteran musher Jessica Hendricks has scratched. The Two Rivers, Alaska musher has run four Iditarods – including this one. She exited the 2011 race in the Nikolai checkpoint at 9:25pm Tuesday with only 8 dogs: by far the smallest sled dog team then in the race. (Mushers must have at least 6…

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