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A map of sites of interest from the website of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Geophysical Institute's Permafrost Laboratory.

UAF Researchers Map Permafrost Melt Impact on Alaska

“Some of this infrastructure has been put in with the assumption that permafrost will remain relatively stable, and if it does degrade, there will be consequences for maintenance or replacement of infrastructure,” says UAF researcher David McGuire.

Pollution researcher in Gambell, Alaska

In Gambell, a Focus on Pollution

Earlier this summer, a very special community education course in a key part of KNOM’s listening area highlighted a growing awareness of pollution in our region. With your support, KNOM was on the front lines of this crucial story.

Profile: What Caused Mammoths to Go Extinct?

Wooly mammoths once roamed across Europe, Northern Asia, across the Bering Strait and throughout Alaska and Canada. But they mostly disappeared from North America around ten thousand years ago—and around four thousand years ago, they had vanished entirely. But why?