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Elder Voices: Patrick Omiak

Little Diomede

“I try to pass on what I learned,” says Patrick. In “Elder Voices,” he speaks about the importance of revitalizing the Inupiaq language and preserving fishing and hunting practices.

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A look back: a village trip in ’08

Travel by KNOM volunteers to the communities we serve has long been an essential part of our mission; thanks to the sponsorship of a regional air carrier, our flights to these communities are usually free. The photos above offer a glimpse into a special trip five years ago, when volunteer Danielle Sylvester ventured to Wales,…

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Update News: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Tuesday’s news: Alaska voters decide today on coastal management initiative, primary for House District 39; The Arctic Imperative Summit closes with discussion on Bering Sea and Arctic shipping; Nome City Council hears suggestions for $200,000 mid-year Community Benefit Share from NSEDC; Norwegian oil company Statoil inches closer to drilling in the Chukchi Sea, possibly…

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