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New Survey Points to Frustrations Among Nome GCI Customers

A GCI telecommunications tower in rural Alaska, silhouetted by a fiery sunset

GCI’s survey — undertaken after a February meeting checkered with local complaints over broadband coverage and data allotment — reported three main findings: 90% of Nome customers are aware of user data usage, 50% check usage regularly, and most Nomeites are appreciative of local staff but frustrated with the customer service line.

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Color Me Nome

Spring in Nome is unpredictable, bringing occasional sun or long periods of fog and snow. Daynee battles this year’s drab days by being proactive: attending community events and creating colorful sushi out of marshmallow candy. Oh yes.

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New Home for Nome Museum, Library Inches Closer

The 15-year push to give Nome’s museum and library a new home inched closer to completion Wednesday, as prep work for the new structure continued and first steps were taken to design the museum’s inside. “At this point in time the team is looking now to what goes on inside the building,” said Brian Wakelin with Public,…

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Update News: Thursday, May 9, 2013

In Thursday’s news: Former Bethel police officer being charged with being intoxicated while on the scene of a police shooting; One person is raising money to bring members of her community back to their homeland (http://www.usaprojects.org/project/ugiuva_miuguru_a_i_am_from_king_island); U.S. Coast Guard contracts to build sixth National Security Cutter; UAF Northwest Campus in Nome celebrating commencement tonight at…

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