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Matt Failor, in Takotna, on enduring a “wild ride”

“That has to be, hands down, the hardest Iditarod trail anyone’s ever seen,” Matt Failor told KNOM in Takotna on Wednesday afternoon. Failor was describing the extremely rough, largely snow-free trail, leading into Rohn and Nikolai, that’s given so many mushers trouble over the past few days. In his interview with Laureli Kinneen, Failor outlined…

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Failor: “There’s only 750 miles left”

In Rohn, two mushers – Martin Buser and Matt Failor, Buser’s dog-handler-turned-musher – are bucking an Iditarod trend. The two competitors – running “A” and “B” teams from Buser’s kennel, respectively – turned heads when they decided to take their 24-hour layovers in Rohn yesterday. They’ll both be eligible to depart later today (Tuesday), and…

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Buser, in Rohn, hopes for a “new race”

When Martin Buser arrived into the Rohn checkpoint – at 9:53am Monday morning – he was bringing to fruition a plan that has had many Iditarod observers and fellow mushers scratching their heads. The four-time champion (alongside fellow musher Matt Failor) rocketed through Iditarod’s early checkpoints (Yentna, Skwentna, Finger Lake, Rainy Pass) before settling down in…

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