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Martin Buser fought his way to a sixth place finish in Nome

Martin Buser Arrived under the burled arch this afternoon at 3:58pm. Appreciating a warm welcome from friends and family, Buser was overcome with emotion, and still reeling from the tough race that was Iditarod 42. Martin Buser was one of the many mushers to incur injury along the early parts of the trail who chose…

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Photos: Friday along the Yukon

Mushing along the Yukon

As the bulk of Iditarod 42’s competitors now move through the checkpoints of the Yukon River, there’s a palpable sense that the race – which has, of course, been going on for nearly a week – is finally becoming a real race. With more and more of the lead mushers finishing the mandatory layovers where the…

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On-Air Update: Friday, March 7 (12p)

The leaders are on the Yukon, making their way through Ruby, Galena, Nulato, and Kaltag. All racers have to take a mandatory 8 hour layover at one of these points along the river, so standings on paper are still not yet reliable on where mushers fall in the actual lineup. In Kaltag, it will become…

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Martin Buser, happy to take his Yukon rest in Ruby

Martin Buser approaches Ruby

It’s “perfect timing,” Martin Buser says, that the longtime musher arrived at Ruby at the time he did. His dogs were starting to slow down a bit in the Cripple–Ruby run, and after two long stretches of trail – Ophir to Cripple and Cripple to Ruby, each of which took him about 10 hours to…

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On-Air Update: Monday, March 3 (12p)

speed: embrace it, or control it? This seems to be the question facing mushers for the early part of Iditarod 42. A strategic decision divides two large packs of mushers as the second day of racing carries on through some of the most technically challenging stretches of trail.

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Buser: no 24 in Rohn this year

Martin Buser at the Ceremonial Start

Last year, Martin Buser turned heads with a somewhat-unorthodox mushing schedule, very early in the race. Leading the 2013 Iditarod pack through Yentna, Skwentna, Finger Lake, and Rainy Pass (the first four checkpoints after the official start in Willow, Alaska), the four-time champion bedded down in the Rohn checkpoint – and stayed there for a…

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In Unalakleet: Kaiser & Buser regrouping

Iditarod can bring many unexpected challenges: weather, trail conditions, health issues with dogs, just to name a few. All these things affect mushers along the trail in different ways. After pushing themselves with big ambitions early in the race, Pete Kaiser and Martin Buser are looking to regroup in Unalakleet. Reformulating their plans, they’re focusing…

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On-Air Update: Saturday, March 9 (5pm)

Martin Buser remains out front in Iditarod 2013, but his lead has narrowed. He was the first into Kaltag on Saturday afternoon, but can he hold the lead as the race moves onto the Norton Sound coast? In Saturday’s 5pm Iditarod Update, Kelly Brabec and Laura Collins run down the leader board and ponder the…

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Trail-breaking into Kaltag: Martin Buser

The trail heading into Kaltag early this afternoon was windblown, drifted in, and slow. Idiatord.com’s blogger Joe Runyan said he spoke to the trail breakers about the snow, and they described it as “mashed potatoes.” As the first musher to hit this section of trail, Martin Buser lost a bit of his lead. There is…

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