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In A Way, Rookies: Petit & Waerner

Nicolas Petit says, “We’re all rookies,” citing the change in course to Fairbanks. Norway’s Thomas Waerner, also a rookie in name only, talks mushing in Norway and his dream to compete in Iditarod.

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Cold nights and volunteer travel

The temperatures each night are falling to about -20º F, and the stars sparkle in the dark night sky. As the moon traverses the heavens, the sound of houses crackling and snapping can be heard. As the air gets colder, pilings shift a bit, twisting home supports and floors. The night is alive with this and so many…

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September 2008: Amy departs

September 1, 2008 After more than six years of service to the mission, Amy Flaherty departs for more urban parts of Alaska. She has produced hundreds of programs and news interviews. Her replacement is Laureli Kinneen, who grew up in the town of Unalakleet, 146 miles southeast of Nome. Her husband Fen was raised in…

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Live Iditarod Finishes: Seavey, Zirkle, Smyth

It was an exciting Tuesday night in Nome, as the first three finishers in the 2012 Iditarod – Dallas Seavey, Aliy Zirkle, and Ramey Smyth – pulled under the Burled Arch. Hear our live, finish-line coverage of all three finishes. There’s lots more to come – including photos. Dallas Seavey of Willow, Alaska – 2012…

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