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Farewell, Betsy

Betsy Brennan on Nome's Middle Beach

Summertime at KNOM is always a bittersweet season of hellos and goodbyes, with the turnover of service terms for our full-time volunteers. But this year, we have one more “goodbye” to say: to former-volunteer-turned-staffer Betsy Brennan.

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What Is Time?

Walkway to Salmon Lake

Her volunteer year has “gone so many places I can’t recount them all,” Tara says. “Every day has been an adventure… suddenly, I’m on the other side: transformed, changed.”

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A Year (or two) in Review

How does one encapsulate a year (or two) of growth? I have to admit that I’ve been up late over the past couple weeks trying to process what has transpired – not only during my time at KNOM but also during my first year of service in Ohio. Not so long ago, I remember getting…

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Final Weeks and Fond Farewells

This is my last blog post.  Well, on the KNOM Radio Mission Volunteer Blog, anyway.  It has been a strange week of lasts.  My last day of editing Casey Kasem, my last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now Friday.  My last staff meeting, (my last pizza party at a staff meeting!).  My last time adding music…

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