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What’s cookin’?

The hosts of KNOM’s Morning Show – volunteers Dayneé Rosales and Lucus Keppel – have been cooking up lots of great things this year. Literally. For months now, Lucus and Dayneé have collaborated with representatives from the CAMP Department, a division of Nome’s hospital that specializes in nutrition and healthy lifestyles. CAMP’s Katie Gonzales and…

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King, in Unalakleet, on the “art” of his dogs’ speed

Taking in a late breakfast in Unalakleet on Sunday afternoon – sourdough pancakes with blueberry sauce – Jeff King had eating on his mind: not for himself, mind you, but for his dogs. “Right now, I think that they don’t need rest, they just need food, and to be driven, encouraged to go the correct…

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Sounding Board: Subsistence Hunting

Hunting artwork at the Teller School

This Thursday on Sounding Board (December 6, 2012 at 10am), we’re talking about subsistence hunting. Why is subsistence important to your family? Has hunting in your village changed over the years? If so, how? What are your favorite stories or memories of subsistence hunting? JOIN THE CONVERSATION

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Heavy weather, a week of cancelled flights, and new volunteers

As you may know, the Western Alaska communities that we serve are not connected to the state’s road system. Our ability to travel and to transport goods is thoroughly dependent upon commercial and cargo airlines and, especially, upon the weather. Lately, low visibility and other poor conditions have forced the cancellation of a number of Nome-bound flights.…

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Rain, fish, boats, and Rolland!

Summer storms continue to dump lots of rain, and some streams and rivers are swollen with water and fish. We have seen wonderful examples of folks sharing their catch with elders and families who really savor these fresh food staples. Recently, KNOM opened its doors to the Coast Guard to inform our listeners about voluntary…

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Fish and wildlife reports, and help from a KNOM alumnus

Fish are moving upriver, muskoxen are roaming the tundra, and bears are perched at the edge of streams looking for their next meal. Summer in bush Alaska means wildlife and fish reports on KNOM will keep everyone informed and safe. As summer progresses, our daily high temperatures are typically about 50 degrees, and we have been…

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Neff, Table for Two

text by David Dodman; photos and audio by Laureli Kinneen When Hugh Neff arrived into Anvik early this morning, he wasn’t the only one who received an exceptional breakfast. The five-course meal courtesy of Anchorage’s Millennium Hotel was a breakfast for two, and Neff decided to invite Larry Westlake, an Iditarod race judge. (It didn’t…

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In Anvik, It’s Seared Tuna, Wasabi, and Ginger: for Breakfast

photo and audio by Laureli Kinneen; text by David Dodman The Iditarod Sled Dog Race offers a wide array of extraordinary experiences. Gourmet dining isn’t usually among them, with one exception: the first musher to arrive into the Anvik checkpoint – the first stopover on the Yukon River – receives a lavish five-course meal, provided…

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