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Update News: Monday, July 2, 2012

In Monday’s news: Greenpeace vessel Esperanaza leaves Kodiak, makes its way north in campaign against arctic drilling; The Alaska Judicial Council chooses two candidates for Governor Parnell to appoint to Alaska Supreme Court; Kawerak seeks to lease space for cultural center in planned Richard Foster building; University of Alaska president Pat Gamble proposes two percent…

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Under the Burled Arch, Hear Finishers 5 to 10

It’s been a busy Wednesday on Nome’s Front Street, as Iditarod mushers have continued to arrive: throughout the early morning hours and past daybreak. From sunset to sunrise, our reporters have been there to greet the top finishers of the Last Great Race. Hear our live finishes of 5th through 10th place: Peter Kaiser of…

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In Takotna: DeeDee Jonrowe and Josh Cadzow

In Takotna on Wednesday afternoon, DeeDee Jonrowe echoed the priorities of many of her fellow mushers: taking stock of her dogs, and sleep. Her mandatory 24-hour layover was a chance to catch up on rest, not just for herself but, also, for the dogs that had run through the deep snow of much of this…

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Pre-Race Perspectives: Jonrowe, Moon, and Mackey in Anchorage

“I’m tired of getting ready,” DeeDee Jonrowe said in Anchorage late last week. The longtime Iditarod musher told KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen that she was eager to hit the trail: to “get out” and “get going.” Jonrowe shared with us a few of the things that made her excited to pick up the snow hook: in…

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Baker’s Dozen: Live Finishes of the Top 13

audio by the KNOM Staff; photos by David Dodman In the past two days, Nome has been buzzing with Iditarod; as of dinnertime Wednesday night, the top 19 mushers are in (with the 20th, Rick Swenson, in sight on Nome’s outskirts), and there are dozens more still to come. These two days have been filled…

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DeeDee Jonrowe in Unalakleet: “I Love it Here”

audio by Laureli Kinneen; text by David Dodman As she’s heading towards Unalakleet, DeeDee Jonrowe says she gets “happier and happier.” The beloved Iditarod veteran has a special connection to Unalakleet (the first checkpoint on the Norton Sound coast), where she caught up with KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen and talked about her “history” in the village.…

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