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A Musical Break from Race Season Coverage

Stebbins Clearlake Fiddlers

A couple of weeks ago, an announcement for a fundraiser came up in our Hotline program. Stebbins was hosting an event in anticipation of their upcoming potluck, and the Clearlake Fiddlers were going to be playing music on Friday and Saturday nights in the community center. As I read the announcement, I had an on-air…

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My Akutaq, Your Akutaq

This week I attended Kawerak’s 40th Year Anniversary Regional Conference. The three-day event brought together native speakers, workshops, and performances from all over the region, including celebrated poet Joan Kane, 2011 Iditarod champion John Baker, and doctor/singer/songwriter Darryl Tonemah. I kept busy attending workshops, listening to open forums, and viewing exhibits, such as the one…

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Sounding Board: Preserving Native Song and Dance

This week on Sounding Board (Thursday, March 28 at 10am), we’re talking about preserving Native song and dance. How have Native songs and dances been passed down to you? What can music and dance teach us about the past?  How will we carry this with us into the future? How can music native to Alaska…

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Music Review 2012

Music can be a powerful thing. We associate where we are, what we are doing, who we are with, how happy we are, all in relation to the music pumping out of our speakers… We invited a few friends over to the Volunteer House for New Year’s and had the dance party to rival all…

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It’s all the Rave!

As the length of sunlight continues to lessen each day, we’ve been transitioning to more indoor time together: cooking, cleaning & dancing. I love to dance, but I think I have spent most of my life dancing alone in my room with the radio blaring. It’s been a nice change of pace to let loose…

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Elder Voices: James Okpealuk

James Okpealuk is a skilled carpenter. Throughout his life, the Teller Elder has helped build many houses in Alaska, including homes in Fairbanks, new houses in Nome, and the old school in Teller. But he remembers his traditional home in Little Diomede with a smile: “All sod and rocks…more like a shack. Small, but very…

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