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Photos: a Saturday pivot to the coast

Sonny Lindner arrives into Unalakleet, Saturday evening

From Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning, Iditarod 42’s competitors have been moving from one body of water to another: off of the Yukon River and onto the Norton Sound coast. Yesterday, race leaders were passing through the transitional checkpoints of Kaltag and Unalakleet – Kaltag, the last of the Yukon stopovers (and the last chance…

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Jeff King, at Unalakleet, “glad” to be with the front-runners

Jeff King inside the Unalakleet checkpoint

With dogs that “know where we are” and look “so strong,” Jeff King hit the Norton Sound coast Saturday night. He arrived into Unalakleet at 7:29pm with 12 dogs. Talking with KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen inside the Unalakleet checkpoint, the musher was relieved to be taking a layover amongst Iditarod 42’s front of the pack. “I’m…

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Near-hurricane-force winds projected for Western Alaska

Representatives from the National Weather Service say it will improve service to move remote positions to Anchorage and Fairbanks, where new technology is being employed to gather data. Locals want to ensure adequate coverage here, where unpredictable weather is the norm.

Severely high winds are coming to Western Alaska, according to ongoing forecasts and warnings from the National Weather Service. Please take any precautions needed to prepare for the severe weather headed for our region. KNOM has received the following public safety announcement from the Nome Police Department. Please read this thoroughly. This information is provided……

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Burmeister in White Mountain: proud of his team

Nome’s Aaron Burmeister pulled into White Mountain this morning, after a “beautiful run” from Elim, with northern lights and shooting stars blazing the sky. He talked with KNOM about his race, the unfortunate sickness that struck his team, and their plan for the finish: “I’m just going to soak it all up and enjoy it,…

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On-Air Update: Sunday, March 10 (5pm)

Mitch Seavey, Aaron Burmeister, and Jeff King lead the first wave of mushers from Unalakleet to Shaktoolik. Many others are waiting in Unalakleet, resting their dogs after the long run from Kaltag. In Sunday evening’s 5pm Iditarod update, KNOM’s Laureli Kinneen reports first-hand on the action in and out of Unalakleet. Daynee and Josh continue…

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On-Air Update: Saturday, March 9 (5pm)

Martin Buser remains out front in Iditarod 2013, but his lead has narrowed. He was the first into Kaltag on Saturday afternoon, but can he hold the lead as the race moves onto the Norton Sound coast? In Saturday’s 5pm Iditarod Update, Kelly Brabec and Laura Collins run down the leader board and ponder the…

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The difference weather can make

What a difference the weather can make: especially in Western Alaska, and especially at this time of year. On cloudy days, the dull light blurs the snowy landscape, and depth perception, over long distances, is more difficult. This “flat light” is a challenge for all who travel on land and the frozen sea. On sunny…

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In Thursday’s News: Alaska’s House District 39

Alaska’s redistricting process has greatly expanded House District 39. Formerly a coastal district confined to western Alaska, it now stretches from across the state, from Canada to the Bering Sea. The new district 39 includes southeast communities near the Canadian border (such as Tok and Eagle), crosses the interior to collect Fort Yukon, and follows…

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