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Touchstone: Seabird Deaths and Avian Cholera

Common murres

This Friday on Touchstone (December 13, 2013 at 10am), we’re talking about our region’s recent seabird deaths and the disease – avian cholera – to which these deaths have now been linked. Avian cholera is a fairly common infection for waterfowl; it’s responsible for tens of thousands of bird deaths annually. What is uncommon, however,…

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Breakup, mail delays, and Communicator Awards

All across Western Alaska, it’s the season known as “breakup”: the slow, on-again/off-again period of melting that signals the gradual approach of summer. Some days are bright and sunny, and others are cloudy and snowy. The sun melts ice on rooftops as the tundra gives up its blanket of white snow, little by little. Spring…

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A Recent Hike and an Old Adventure

This isn’t New York City, there aren’t landmarks all over the place for tourists to see, but there are a few. Around Memorial Day last year my former roommate Leah, dear friend Bre and I took a drive down Council Road and stopped for a quick photo op at “The Last Train to Nowhere.” Sometimes…

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