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Why Do Californians Call 50 Degrees “Arctic?”

“Cold is relative,” Tyler says. It’s “probably Alaska’s most mind blowing secret. My time here has driven me to the conclusion that cold is not dependent on your ending temperature, but rather the variance in temperature you’ve experienced.”

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Bucket List

Without understanding how, July is nearly over and Zach’s about a month away from leaving KNOM and Nome. With that in mind, he makes a list of things he’d still like to do.

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Update News: January 29th, 2014

In Tuesday’s newscast: HB199, bill seeking to arm VPSO’s, is held after committee debate in legislature; State wildlife officials wondering whether warm temps will bring out hibernating bears; Nome Board of Ed extends superintendent Gast’s contract, discusses FY15 budget. http://www.knom.org/wp-audio/2014/01/2014-01-29-knom-update-news.mp3

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