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Volunteer Work at KNOM

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We use these to hear sounds.

Delicate Sounds

I am hearing more. As I spend more time at the sounding board, or hunched over audio-editing software, or scanning phone-calls for choice snippets of detail,…

A fishing boat smashed among the driftwood in Stebbins, a week-and-a-half after bad storms.

The Luck in Malady

Zach recently traveled to the community of Stebbins to report on storm damage inflicted by this month’s Bering Sea storms. The trip, albeit quick, taught multiple lessons.

Jenna on the Nome sea wall

Welcome Home Storm

When volunteer Dayneé Rosales returned to Nome from her vacation (in between her service terms), she was greeted in true Western Alaska fashion: with a severe fall storm.

Pilgrim road

Roads and Roots

“I slide the card across the counter, and the lady on the other side hands me a new one, still warm from the printer,” Anna Rose writes. It’s a rite of passage for all our volunteers: getting an Alaska driver’s license.