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Volunteer Work at KNOM

post mentions work at the station

The front-loader in Stebbins that carried a whole family to safety in November.

Cataclysmic Anesthetic

Zach’s recent visit to Stebbins, a community still recovering from devastating flooding in November, revealed how the community is working together to rebuild and strengthen themselves for future challenges.

Volunteer House kitchen table. August 2013. Adorned with tundra flowers.

Hands and Tables

Take my hand in your own. Feel that. That warmth, skin, nails, grooves and roughness amid the faint damp. I feel yours. Now, place your other hand…

L>R: Tara, myself, Emily, and our mighty leader, Kelly, in the midst of our holiday Production meeting.

The Art of Asking

“Small-town living in the Alaskan frontier,” Dayneé says, “is a fine balance between rugged individualism and communal caring… Sooner or later, you have to ask for help.”