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Volunteers in the News Department

Worlds Collide

Flying over the Kigluaik Mountains. Photo: Jenn Ruckel, KNOM.

After a trip to Kotzebue, volunteer Jenn says, “Returning to Nome is always my favorite part, as if each trip outward draws me closer inward.”

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You Become

This little igloo building definitely sticks out in Wales, but we photographed it so much that it felt very loved and appreciated.

“It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time.”
Jenn muses on the great journey of “becoming” as spring springs in a slushy Nome.

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In a Word: Iditarod

WE MADE IT! These pups have the right idea.

“Iditarod is everything,” says Jenn. “It is all-consuming, life-giving, spirit-rejuvenating insanity…and I only wish it could last forever.”

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Days Like This

Francesca shares her trials of mid-winter at KNOM with grueling work hours and limited sunlight to boot, but finds and shares her inspiration to push on.

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The Six-Month Review

A beach full of sea ice.

“It couldn’t have happened overnight, but at some point I realized that I’m working in a place I now consider a home,” says volunteer Jenn.

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