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Volunteers in the News Department

In a Word: Iditarod

WE MADE IT! These pups have the right idea.

“Iditarod is everything,” says Jenn. “It is all-consuming, life-giving, spirit-rejuvenating insanity…and I only wish it could last forever.”

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Days Like This

Francesca shares her trials of mid-winter at KNOM with grueling work hours and limited sunlight to boot, but finds and shares her inspiration to push on.

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The Six-Month Review

A beach full of sea ice.

“It couldn’t have happened overnight, but at some point I realized that I’m working in a place I now consider a home,” says volunteer Jenn.

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Where (Do?) we settle?

In the process of writing this blog, I realized I don't actually have a picture of my entire family together, but we'll work on that. For now, a smattering of the people I love.

With the holidays approaching, volunteer Jenn says, “I’m thinking of all the tables around which will sit all the people I love: here, near, north, south, internationally, in memory.

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A Few Notes on Living

“What is this year going to mean?” volunteer Jenn asks. “Who are we going to be next year when the days start to grow longer again, when the icy, liquid-metal sea melts back to blue?”

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