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Living Stories

“When life gives you lemons, move to Nome.” Gabe took that advice. Now, in his final audio-blog, he shares some of the stories that he thinks will keep on giving him lemonade for many years.

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Collateral Duties

A whiteboard hanging on the on-air studio door serves as the sign-up for weekly cleaning duties at the station.

In a year of service at KNOM, Zoe writes, “no two days are the same.” The “other duties as assigned” that are part of a volunteer fellow’s job have, for Zoe, included tasks far beyond the realms of broadcasting and radio production — and that’s a good thing, she says.

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Will Travel, But Only with Checklist

A winter sunrise in Koyuk

When it comes to prep for rural Alaska travel, Karen says “You gotta have a checklist!” But after 18 months in the region, one of the items on her checklist is: “Don’t feel like you have to do everything on your list.”

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Through the Fog

Shishmaref Break Up

Lauren reflects on the path ahead of (and behind) her. Then, the volunteers play a game that reveals some of what they’ve learned about each other this year.

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